Must Be Love Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Must Be Love Lyrics
I like the way this feels it's like some real laid back type shit ya dig
Some rock and lemonade type shit and
Diddy I don't even know if you killed this shit right
No disrespect when I get my fresh I just think I'm the shit Uh.

You can't bullshit me I do not have a coat to pull
That's like a man bare hands tryna chokea bull
You really focus fool wanna see the dopest lose
They wonder bout my bread cause they need a loaf or two
But I got shit to do so f*ck the bitch in you
While I sex women you wish you could put yo dick into
Who you niggas listen to you not in a position to win
Even if Chris Paul was assisting you nah
I'm never gon stop like a car with no brakes
Never suck cock like a chick with no face now
You niggas say something you niggas stay frontin
Talking bout money when you know you ain't make none
Still I keep the cake comin' like Hostess made it
Left the restaurant and got the hostess naked
Never been a hater they love it when you hate back
I be lovin' how they hatin' when my face back
I mean my back facin' them real bad boy Craig Mack Masen em
Miggas ain't big I'm replacin' them uh they wish to replace me tho
Eye of the tiger getting cheese like cheeto
Light up with the fire to the swisher why the weed blow
Girl it's on once it's gone and we re-roll
Tree sex like I invented it now we playin' tennis on the wii pro
Shawty lookin' like Venus and Sereno I mean Serena tho
Leave the livin' room then we hit the back room get it on the floor like vaccum fat
Shawty so stacked and her ass on smack I could put my lass on that
Cash on deck like speedboats wet like deep throat she want it again like a sequel

Oh!... I do it all for the paper tho yeah nigga ball I ain't talkin' bout a fanga roll
I was told chase the dream and whatever else follow oh
Ooooh and whatever I don't know today I figure out tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow
Spendin' all my time even tho the shit borrowed
Grown women and weed drink up girl the liquors all free
On me all G I keep it it's no secret I be creepin'
And I leave your body leakin'
If you want it come and get it if you with it let me it it
Cause tonight might be the best night of our life
Let me get my marvin on!
Oooh sometimes I just wanna feel soooooooo oh!
So good baby ya been ya been ya been y been soooo good to me music
Yes u are yes u are! This is the best night of my life!
And I wanna thank youuuuu! you baby! you you you you you
You you you you you! you you you! Nah just let it breathe!
Ooooh ooooooh!

Oh! I swear that it must be love for the music
Track keep kickin' my reaction is abuse it
F*ck swag cause it's all about my aura
April's boy and Claude McArthur would be the father of this awesome author
And if you ask me can't another match me
Like to thank Cassie pretty young ass
She gotta undastand when she hit me make the track bleed uh!

Don't wanna give into you so easily
But I can't even fight it, you make me so weak
And I can't understand what you're doing to me
But I like it (I like it) I like it (I like it)

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