Pain (Interlude) Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Pain (Interlude) Lyrics
Passion... Pain... Pleasure

Hurts when I laugh sometimes,
Feels good when I cry
Tell me when you lookin at me,
Can you see the pain in my eyes?

As the stars shine deep in the night sky,
As the sun sits way above the clouds,
As the world spins, time and time again,
Look at myself wonderin' where I been
City to city, and girl with you,
One nights all I've got to give
You don't know me, no matter how I might appear
Will I ever know why do I feel so alone?

Since a child, I was told,
All that glitters ain't gold
Got lost in the moment
Tryna find what I wanted
So now I'm drownin' in regret,
And I'll never forget
Everything that I had,
Before the good turned bad

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