Please Return My Call Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Please Return My Call Lyrics
I'd do anything just to hear your voice

It's been to long, since I sen your face
Since I smelt the fragrance of your perfume
And I can't get a hold of my self,
No more, I tried to play it cool
But I'm simply breaking breaking breaking down girl
I need you to build me up again girl, build me up again
I neglected you, expected you to stay forever (yes I did)
Now your gone and I'm suppose to find another... no no

Girl I need you to,
Please return my call cause I sorry
And I need to hear from you
I was wrong that's why I...
Girl I need you to
Please return my call
Promise I regret it all
Only we know what I lost
I just wanna talk so wherever you are please return my call

Now I'd give up anything for the joy only yourself can bring

Just to see your face come through that door
But until then I'm gone pray some more,
Yeah I'm gone pray some more please by the bedside
Cause your the best thing that happened in my life
And I gotta get you back and I'm dealing with the fact that I know

I neglected you expected you to stay forever
Now your gone and I'm suppose to find another ohhh


You know, baby I need you to understand my life is not worth living
And I know your mad, better yet I know your dissapointed but I promise I'll do better just answer the phone


Girl I ned you to please

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