Ring The Alarm Freestyle Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Ring The Alarm Freestyle Lyrics
Ay I'm kinda piss off ring the alarm but it's all right you know who it is
It's the prince ay songz ay songz look here songz look here songz
Uh uh uh look my mintal is a maget I'm higher then you fagets is I live it while you practice
I'm only where the action is do it how I want it give a damn what a nigga feel move me if you
Wanna give a hammer to your figure head see I'm the shit and they ain't shit I paint this vilicata
Ass picture so you niggas can't miss it lyricious I'm a dictionary fiscal I'm skinny scary
Visical I'm pretty white or a least that what the women tell me see they then bust there load offim in the cut
Back 93 hundered round drunk wrote it up you better know what's up because the day coming so sick of this dum shit
Watch trey run it aye look I do what I wanna do move how I wanna move big shoes on the coot
Call those 22 see I'm a winner dude never never look to lose you niggas lookin like food taste ya pasteries
I got an appitite out rageous and you out rageious you think you can show out trey shit you better off get the daisies
Say something wrong I see yo punk ass neck I'm break it face it I'm the best and there ain't no stoppin put me to the test
And I'm gone keep rockin nigga so wrong like coke in the bottle if this was law you can call me the cop pants saggin when
I step up to the vinto checkin this around to see what I can get into spotted me stylin 1 but I need at least 2 yeah nigga small
But the enemy is a beast boo he who live like this is a g truth she who give him lip won't see dude
The lobby doors if that 5 store telly won't be bustin off on a 6 pack belly I'm u homie my forehead hot flo got mo disease
Then them old heads got and no they not doing it like I does spilt it like holes but I sing it like Robert plus I got dough like it was never a problem
Get at these hoes when they see they stoppin to get a bite baby tell me what you like spit til u get it
Even through I won't quit it if I said I meant it 2 the music I'm addicted it fen 4 the track and the beat keep
Pitchin catch me slippin that will never happen I'm keep clappin bring the track back in I'm the baddest
Even my aid - bis (yo aid bis) I hope everybody is strapped in this a ride u have never been on
Get my pen on matter fact the pen gone so hood no good you can ask my whole hood
Roll through old school nigga smokin so good I'm in for money fag u and ask money bags
U don't understand I'm the man bitch run it back

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