Rockin That Thang Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Rockin That Thang Lyrics
She rockin dat thang like she holding a guitar
Wanna dig up out her guts like I'm rollin a cigar
Body on pilattis how I ball she could volley that
Give it to me and she never ever want her body back

[Verse 1:]
Eat up every piece of u I treat u like a party pack
All by myself s**t
All cause I'm selfish
All on ya pelvis is where I wanna grind at
Grind all the time shawty make me push my grind back
Hammer to ya body
I ain't talkin cockin nines back
If I could push the time back
I would just rewind that
Dream "Purple Kisses"
Repeat it while I eat it
I meant beat it I meant treat it
While I'm giving u the deepest
What I'm peepin u should see this
Girl I really don't believe it
If it's Victoria's Secret
U should tell her I'm a keep it
Matter fact
U can have it back


[Verse 2:]
She get it up
I put it down
I lift her up
I turn her round
Her legs shakin cause she horny
Plus she been coming
Since we first start going
Once I hit it if u ever had a n*gga
Who done did it
Before I done hit it
U should quit it cause he ain't gon do it
Like I does it cause I does
No discussion u gon love it
On some Usher "Love in Club" s**t
U gon want it all in public come on


I be in the club like wsup f**#*d up
Spendin all of my dubs on da strippers
Catch me in da whip bad chick gon sit
On the side tryna pull it out da zipper
She say want a star
Well I'm da big dipper
Meet me by da bar
They call me the big tipper
Babygirl u know who
Ain't no trickin when I pole u
I'm a flip u I'm a throw u I'm a show u
I got that good thang like


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