Run This Town Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Run This Town Lyrics
So Alive, In A Minute I Could Die
Wings On My Back, Every Minute I Get Fly
God Tests Niggas Every Minute Of They Lives
God Bless Niggas Cause Of This More Than A Dye
I Get Gasoline Over Roles
Alcohol, Polo Draws
Gold Rocks In My Tube Sock
Cool Like A Pool, But I'm Hotter Than A Rooftop
Somewhere In Nevada, Put That On My Baby Mama
When I Have A Baby, I'm a Try To Stay With Baby Mama
Ghetto Superstar Pride Shit
Not Some Stupid...
Ahh Shit, Hope Don't Nobody Go Back And Ask It
Think I'm Disrespecting Him
Got Nothing But Respect For Him
Ain't Nobody Fresh as him.
Told You Check My Dresser
Those Cashmeres is last year's
It's Been A Fast Year
Only In This Past Year
Feel Like They Been Listening
Before I Gotta Have Fear
I Just Wanna Be, You Know The Rest
Any Piece, Overdressed
Jean Paul Gautier
Tell Them Like Soldiers Say
Tell Them How I'm Suppose To Play
Tell Me What I'm Suppose To, Trey
I Just Tell The Truth, Baby
In And Out The Booth, Baby
Get Them Right With My Last Shit
Some Niggas Is Desperate
Killing All Better For The Chain Around His Neck, Sit
Tell Me What Success Is, Definition Tested
Every Music Video Directed

Freely Climbing In The Air
Can't Tell Dreams From My Nightmares
I'm Addicted To The Thrill
God And Failure's All I Feel
Silence Is A Scary Sound
I See Demons Stare Me Down
I Just Tell Myself A Lie
They're Just Angels In The Sky
Aaaayy Ay Ay. Yuup. Aaaayy Ay Ay

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