Say You Will Freestyle Lyrics by Trey Songz

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Say You Will Freestyle Lyrics
We were so official see the tears to my tissue
Were my shoulder was the tissue for her tears
I told her my fears, she told me her fears
She said she do whatever so we make it through the years
So why is the moment here when we not together
Thought we suppose to be forever
Sick to my stomach wanna vomit and I'm bummin
I ain't got a haircut in bout a month and I be frontin
When you callin in the mornin like you want it
But you don't you just be frontin, why you frontin
I'm abusing my substance doin alot of puffin
Doing alot of cussin talking to myself like trigga what happened
Yellin one minute next minute I'm laughin
Next minute I'm cryin, next minute I'm dyin
Pass me the aspirin start the bucket all back then
Look at the sky like Lord, what you askin
Why you take her way from me, why she had to go
Father this your son, I only wanna know
Suppose to plant my seed in her, we was suppose to grow
Is it what she said or another nigga though
Ain't nobody can't nobody else be with my baby
See her with another man I'll probably go crazy
I am crazy, I'll kill em if I see him how I'm fellin I ain't playin
I am playin gettin my Kanye in
Baby this is Trey and everyday they in the weigh in
They be sayin I don't be slayin these beats so maliciously
Tell me why you dissin me
I try to leave the mic alone she called and says she misses me
I came back now ain't that sweet of me, for me to be
Givin her what she need, all day is VA
To the Bay, the NY, LA I been fly
I been pass guys in the rearview
A looky here you I don't care what my peers do
It's alot of yous like sealfood
So many fish in the sea only one me
Only one Songz ain't no one song I won't jump on
And get my thump on and beat the track up like it jumped on
My mama and it's all my mama and ain't no rhymer
Ain't no singer, ain't no human, ain't no creature
That could fill my sneakers I sound so good through the tweaters
I smell so hood from the reefer
Yet I'm tryin to change my imagery, but I'm still real I ain't never been gimmicky
Aaid I'm great now but imagin what I'm finna be, I'm filled with flattery everytime they mimic me
A I'm at the top of my game, and ain't nobody poppin my chain
I don't even where one, what the goons go bang, if you reach for any mothaf*ckin thang
It's Tremaine!

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