Troy Cassar-daley - Born To Survive Lyrics

Troy Cassar-daley Lyrics

Born To Survive Lyrics
There's an old John Deer underneath a tree
500 acres my dad and me
Worked this land until we hurt
Try'n to make a livin' outa' plain old dirt
Well he never said nothin' when mumma left
just kept his feelings to himself
His pride was hurt his heart was broke
He sits and he rolls another smoke 'n says
"SON this is all I know, and I guess it goes to show"
he said!


We were born to survive outback life
generations of toil and strife
We don't know any other way
When the sun beats down so damn hard
and it's 40 degrees in the holdin' yards
Got a 303 and 4 wheel drive
Livin' out here we're born to survive (born to survive)

Well a friend of mine named Willie Grace
held and auction at his old place
The crowd gathered at quarter to three
and walked away with his memories, but
something keeps him hangin' on, even when all hope was gone
he said

Chorus / solo / Chorus

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