Truth Hurts - Next To Me Lyrics

Truth Hurts Lyrics

Next To Me Lyrics
Its not what I want

I need to have you next to me
or somethings not right with me
Its not just sex to me
Its ecstasy
If your not making love to me
Its something like a drug for me
If your not next to me
I need ecstasy

you should belong to me waited to be hurt on the effect you have on me
try to blow my mind thank God you got it finally when I was really though
you discovered that emotion deeper than every ocean that never revolves

[Repeat Chorus]

see I know your coming through tonight specially with this urgency
and I never disappoint ya right got it good and tight oh now could you
please do me a favor go head baby you touch that emotion that relives a
devotion release my love

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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