Truth Hurts - Push Play Lyrics

Truth Hurts Lyrics

Push Play Lyrics
I decided I would get my shit together
Deal with the truth, I'm going loose
I got somethin' to say
(Well) Well
Now I believe when its real, you got to face it
It's called the truth I think I heard somebody say
This way

Let The truth be told
Let The truth be told (told)
Let The truth be told
Let The truth be told (told)

Let the truth be told!

Yo, do y'all remember the truth?
The niggas can't handle the truth
In fact, they scared of it
See let me explain somethin to ya
Truth is...
These niggas seein that we at it again
Straight up to work this magic again
So can I get a witness?
Suckas on some pimp shit
Introducin Truth to the world
They ain't ready for this soulful singer like a real bitch supposed to
Music you can coast to
Put it all in them hate niggas roll through
Not fake, not false like the average
Nobody's f*ckin takin advantage
She's out to do damage
To all yall r&b bitches
(Yes I am)
Aint' hard for her to see bitches
Even the words you think is key bitches
(Here I am)
I told y'all and if I haven't sold y'all
Keep your ear to the street
You bitches have no idea what I'm about to unleash
And if you're wondering where's the proof
You should wait no longer 'cuz here's the truth

Who's hot
They not
That's why
I drop this shit
You cop
Put mine on...
Things just ain't gone be the same
Niggas who truth put up in the game
What is y'all ??
If you didn't, then now you know
I don't dis

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