Truth Hurts - Queen Of The Ghetto Lyrics

Truth Hurts Lyrics

Queen Of The Ghetto Lyrics
Where my real niggaz hard like me speak your mind to the fullest degree the truth will set you free holla back
If you aint weak to be throwing it down in these streets the truth shall set you free

This industry is based on the ultimate boo and real life aint far behind money cant make me lie to you
big baby bud aint nothing for the ones on extra and as you know miss Cita aint got nothing but realness in
me whats up with these mark ass bitches talking about their album is crazy go cop my joint then only 1
song is worth listening to and even that is shit so 3 years ago whats up with these ladies that work with
celebrity and official capacity come to find out they got their knee pads in the trunk with ya'll stains
on them oh child please give it to them like T.I.T. I got new white escalades like my girl have today a
brother is a producer in New York City baby but hes more comfortable on the bus push up bras tight jeans
weaves get the f*ck outa here a phony bitch I shall never be truth is real as they come big baby its the
f*ckin' truth and it hurts

You dont wanna f*ckin' speak my name the truth thats me my niggaz call me the queen of the ghetto queen
of the ghetto dont you need to know need to recognize somebody should've told you about the hustle I'm
about the hustle you cant stop her flow

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