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Proud To Be An American Lyrics

I'm proud
to be an American
I'm proud
of the groovy things we've done
There's television, free religion, Rock 'n' roll, Standard Oil,
Times Square, Jimmy Darren, Corey Wells, and Smokey Bear,
price reduction, reconstruction, Peace Corps, and lots more
Culture that we got to lend

I'm proud
to be an American
And I'm proud
Had a great time bein' one
There's your school and my school and both of us in high school,
surfboards, cigarettes, homework, Southern Comfort
Boy's dean was real mean,
Made us keep our locker's clean
Failed nearly every class
Ditchin' was a gas

I'm proud
to be a young American
I'm proud, just think about it
All the far out things that we've begun
There's revolution, constitution, land, sea, and air pollution,
cold wars, hot wars, gas wars, and confrontutions,
constipation, consternation, open hearted palpatations
Muscular Dystrophy

I'm proud to be an American
Because we got department stores
full of cheap guitars
But when Sputnik plays 'em, you just go go go go

I'm proud to be an American--we got two chickens in every garage
And I wish every other kid could be one--in my country,
the medium is the massage
'Cause it's impossible to give
Equality and justice to inferior foreigners
too jealous to trust us

Gimme your weak and your homeless
How 'bout checkin' the oil ah, fella?

I'm proud to be an American
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