Ty Dolla Sign - Big Tymin (Remix) Lyrics

Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics

Big Tymin (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro - Nef da Pharaoh:]
We up to 40 on the opposite
And we dropping niggas
Ya'll squad wannabes
Ya'll really not them niggas
Ya'll not them niggas, man)
Ya'll fakers

[Chorus - Nef the Pharaoh:]
Ooh, I'm balling like Bibby
These bitches they wanna have my baby
I'm fresh like Manny
That's why a f*ck nigga can't stand me
Bitch I'm big tymin
Bitch I'm, bitch I'm, bitch I'm big tymin
Bitch I'm big tymin
Bitch I'm big tymin
Bitch I'm, bitch I'm, bitch I'm big tymin
Bitch I'm big tymin

[Verse 1 - Ty Dolla $ign:]
Bitch tell me like baby, marry me
Broke niggas can't stand me
With these words I'm so savvy
I twist up a fatty
She shoot me the addy
I'm a pull up
If you catch me in traffic
I throw my hood up
When I get there she give me that good love
That real good, good love
Okay, I bought a 9-11 all cash
And didn't post it on my Instagram
Fifty bands for the show, twenty-five just to DJ
Everything fast like the
Big rims, bought it, that's what I like
And my girl like, girl she a dyke
What, the, f*ck, hold on
Now everybody, everybody, get your roll on


[Verse 2 - YG:]
Hey, they say I'm brazy
I got shot and left the hospital the same day
I got hit in the hip but I walk the same way
They tried to take me from my newborn baby
But bitch I survived it, bitch I, bitch I, bitch I survived it
In the summer where the streets be the hottest
When I come out I play, like Houston with the Rockets
No the money ain't changed me
You sitting on your ass so you niggas can't stand me
My rubber bands be popping cause my stacks fat
They say, why is you paid hear that
When I cop the ice I bet niggas be on my dick
Man you niggas shoulda been a bitch
My money ain't gotta switch
Next year 10 ms picture me on the Forbes list


Rock Jordan shoes
With the Bathing Ape camo suit
I'm not tryna flex but I'm still fly

[Verse 3:]
They be like Neffy, what up?
You gettin money? Oh yeah
You with the shit? Oh yeah
You keep it lit? Oh yeah
You having fun? Oh yeah
You got your gun? Oh yeah
You throwing ones? Oh yeah
You stacking huns? Oh yeah


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