Ty Dolla Sign - Dr. Sebi Lyrics

Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics

Dr. Sebi Lyrics
Oh, oh (Friendly), oh, oh (Friendly), oh, oh (Friendly)
All jokes aside, I had dreams of it endin', endin'
I want an eater like Dr. Sebi
I beat the case 'cause I had on some black Giuseppes (Yeah)
I'll hold you down like a tight string, bedsheet
And won't let you go until you tell me that you staying
How you gon' leave before you motherf*ckin' find out? (Yeah)
Hope you brought tissues 'cause I'm 'bout to cry my eyes out
Paid your tuition, then I bought out all your Girl Scouts (Yeah)
Heard you was single, baby, tell me what they talking 'bout (What you talkin' 'bout?)
What they talkin' 'bout, huh? (Let's go)
I can't simply bring the sun out (No, I can't)
Even in New York, I got my motherf*cking gun out (Pop)
Heard that nigga 'round me got a crush on you, I bet not find out (Bet not find out)
I don't know nothin' about it (Don't know nothin' about it)
I don't know nothin' about it (Don't know nothin' about it)
I go menace 'bout it (Yeah)
I ain't heard nothing 'bout it (Yeah)
I'm too rich to pout on (Yeah)
Way too lit for clout on me (Yeah)
Stack it like a Jew (Stack it)
Make sure every 'fit you rockin' came with foreign shoes (Skrrt)
Make sure every car you're driving came without a roof (Skrrt, skrrt)
Make sure every bitch you f*cking show you the whole crew
Just because you're tycoon

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