Ty Dolla Sign - Intro Lyrics

Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
Today I woke up by the shore,
Waves like heads would rush and struck forward
On a C- blank and the memories washed away by the tides...
She rides, back and forth, as I show back and forth
That mornings with window views make side of her freedom coming true
I paint, she walks my window pain, touching all her pain,
I write metaphors for her legs, spread like wings
I lay similes on her breast
Living a dream, hope out of her eyes shining beams
Lights bright stalls and nights we can't remember
I kiss her forehead, before head just so breaksfast has it's warning
On these mornings by the shore, score by the sounds played in the violins of her hair blue by shallow fears
Swallows prides, I see the paintings of her footprints on the kitchen floor
And find he lives in the Beach House... 2

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