Ty Dolla Sign - Like A Drug Lyrics

Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics

Like A Drug Lyrics
F*ck you been there
Nah f*ck that, we been on that
Shit, You coming through the night
You know I gotta have it
I'll be right here
Just tell me when you bout to pull over, over
Your my drug, your my drug, oh
Your my drug, your my drug, oooh

[Verse 1:]
Head over heals for you baby
No one else that's for sure girl
I would never leave you girl
Take the handle off the door
Your love is loud
I'm higher shit, I'm higher shit, girl
I'm on a cloud, wanna break you down some more
I'm talking to her
Girl you got that bomb, call it Bombay
Spend the night at the club with the sun back
It's six in the morning, I wake up, I'm zoning, I'm zoning
I need you

Because baby you like a drug
Baby you're like a drug, drug
Baby you're like a drug
Baby you're like a drug, drug
I want to meet the plug
Introduce me to the plug
We can get all this love

[Verse 2:]
Put it on my tongue, baby
Better make you choke like a... baby
You always had my back baby
I need another back from that ass baby
Girl I'm so selfish
It's a shame I can't share this
No I won't, no
Beauty with the plug, I am
Girl I'm so addicted


Girl you're like a drug
You're like a Lean, got me sick, when I don't got you
Like the weed, I'm a, girl I gotta have you
Like a Molly, feel it all over my body
Keep me coming back for more
Spending up all my money


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