Ty Dolla Sign - Long Time Lyrics

Ty Dolla Sign Lyrics

Long Time Lyrics
[Chorus - Ty Dolla $ign:]
I've been on my motherf*cking grind
For a very, very, long, long time
Yeah, so I deserve to ball like Kobe
For a very, very, long-long time
Yeah, got a bad ori in the back
She said she love me, love me, long, long time
Yeah, and I don't f*ck with no new niggas
We've been homies for a long-long time
Yeah, I've been f*cking on your bitch for two hours
That's a long, long time
Uh, I made her come in two minutes
That's a very, very, short, short time

[Verse 1 - Ty Dolla $ign:]
For our first time
My bitch keep calling, told her it's the wrong time
On the west side we say blood not slime
All my niggas with me, Taylor Gang or die
I just came to bag a bad little bitch
I'm with some bloods, pirus, and some crips
Took your bitch and f*cked her in a foreign whip
Sucked my dick for a new outfit


[Verse 2 - Quavo:]
You cuffing that ho for a long time
No, no, can't be waving that bitch
I took her, only hit her one time
Free my niggas doing long time
Free my niggas doing long time
I keep the plug on my phone line brrr
I put the dope in her panties
Pipe it up, that's a new habit
Dabbing is a way of fashion
Pull up on em like a ladder
I got a strap in my jacket
She f*cking me, she gon keep bragging
Million dollars in the mansion
I wake up, she cooking me breakfast
I get the pack, audios
Shoutout to my migos in the
Which one of you niggas wanna play a ghost
I pull out the Lamb, pull up in the Ghost
30k for the Migo, the host
Ice on my neck and I ice out my
Long time going down that road


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