Fionna and Cake Theme Song Lyrics

Fionna and Cake Theme Lyrics

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Lyrics
(Spin off of "Adventure Time")
(Premiered on the streaming service Max on August 31, 2023)

(Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Main Title Song composed by Amanda Jones)

I'm not really feeling like myself today (ay-ay)
Hated every job I've had
What's wrong with me (ay-ay)

Everyday's the same
Painfully mundane
Cause I'm running from my feelings
And my fear of sudden change

Every time I leave my room I wanna die (ay-ay)
Even when I'm with my friends
I'm alone inside (ooh ooh)

Cause nothing really matters
And I don't know what's sadder
The fact I even try
Or that my hopes and dreams are shattered

I'm not really feeling like myself today
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