I Love Lucy Theme Song Lyrics

I Love Lucy Theme Lyrics

I Love Lucy Lyrics by Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel

(TV show used instrumental version, however lyrics exist for the song)

(Lyrics by Harold Adamson*)

There's a certain couple that I know.
They're strictly lovebirds,
A pair of turtle dove birds.
He's a guy who wants the world to know.
So ev'ry day
You'll hear him say

I Love Lucy and she loves me,
We're as happy as two can be,
sometimes we quarrel but then... (ha ha ha)
How we love making up again.

Lucy kisses like no one can,
She's my missus and I'm her man;
And life is heaven you see
Cause I Love Lucy
Yes I Love Lucy
and Lucy loves me.

(* The lyrics to 'I Love Lucy' were sung by Desi Arnaz in the episode "Lucy's Last Birthday")
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