RWBY Volume 4 Theme Song Lyrics

RWBY Volume 4 Theme Lyrics

Jeff Williams - Let's Just Live Lyrics
(feat. Casey Lee Williams)

It used to feel like a fairy tale
Now it seems we were just pretending
We'd fix our world
Then on our way to a happy ending

Then it turned out life
Was far less like a bedtime story
Than a tragedy
With no big reveal of the hero's glory

And it seems we weren't prepared
For a game that wasn't fair

Do we just go home?
Can we follow through?
When all hope is gone,
There is one thing we can do

Let's just live!
Day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows
The past can't hold us down
We must break free
Inside we're torn apart
But time will mend our hearts
Move onward not there yet
So let's just live!

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