Supa Strikas Theme Song Lyrics

Supa Strikas Theme Lyrics

Kevin Aichele - Supa Strikas Lyrics
(Supa Strikas by Kevin Aichele)

I'm finally here...
My Heart is pounding...
Fifty thousand fans screaming...
I can't get my breath...
The whistles sounding

With Every Ounce of effort
Every Skill I've got
I'll play super leagues greatest
And give em my best shot....

Every minute of 90 now, I'm gonna be a fighter
Cos 1..2..3.. I'm a Supa Strika (Strika)

Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas

Breath by breath, I'll be a fighter
Hear the crowd cheer Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas
Supa Strikas
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