The Joel McHale Show Theme Song Lyrics

The Joel McHale Show Theme Lyrics

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale Lyrics
(End Credits Song by Eli Braden)

Nobody ever watches the end credits on Netflix
And that means no one's gonna hear this song
In fact you've probably already moved on
To another show or movie
That you're watching tonight
You're too busy to watch credits
I mean, who's got the time?
Why did we even bother making this song?
I don't know why
I don't know why
And now here are some title cards
You also won't watch

[Alternate versions:]

You've probably noticed that these are brand new lyrics
To the Joel McHale credits song
I changed them 'cause I found out I was wrong
When I said nobody sits through credits of Netflix shows
It turns out some people watch the credits,
How was I to know?
But its mostly friends and relatives of people who work on the show
I just rhymed shows with show
So I hope you got a thrill seeing your friend
Or love one's name in small print
For like half a second


I've decided to keep on changing the lyrics
To the Joel McHale credits song
Every two weeks from now on
It's just a shame to let these 30 seconds go to waste
I could use this time to say anything I wanna say
Nobody's paying attention to these lyrics anyway
They don't even have to make sense
I could just sing nonsense like
shagen frangen bock meed ploggin
Dosh ich strogin nein
Actually that might be German


Its so awesome I can sing whatever I want to
In the Joel McHale credits song
So shout-out to my buddy Ron
I also want to say "What's up?" to my homie Brad
And my best friend growing up
His name is Jared, he's rad!
Also Tony, Vana, Erik, Boyd, Cynthia, Grey and Matt
Don't forget Toby!
And just to clarify, the Jared I mentioned earlier is named Jared Barnet
Its not Jared from Subway


Everyone keeps asking me if there's gonna be more
Of these Joel McHale credits songs
Guys, I won't be gone long
Cause I love making this song
It's like my favorite thing
And there's a lot more versions that I still wanna song
Then again, you never know what the future's gonna bring
(crash noise)
A bus just crashed through the studio wall and it's not clear if I survived
That's the season cliffhanger


Shout out to everyone who's binge watching all 3 hours
Of the 6 new episodes
Of the Joel McHale Show

Just remember to stand up and stretch once in a while
Or get off the couch and out your house and walk half a mile
Cause there are dangers to sitting too long
Both severe and mild
Like pain and obesity

It can also increase your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes
And deep vein thrombosis


I thought for sure by now I would be super famous
From singing Joel McHale's credits song
So why's it taking so long

There's no question that this song's received critical acclaim
But it hasn't translated into fortune or fame
Why isn't Eli Braden already a household name?
Eli Braden's my name

That's spelled E-l-i B as in boy-r-a-d as in David-e-n
In case you wanted to Google me


A friend of mine dared me to use a British accent
To sing the Joel McHale credits song
And I said "All right mate, you're on"

The only question now is what to sing about
Maybe something about fish and chips or Simon Cowell
Or maybe I can guess how many pence are in a pound
I looked it up, it's a hundred

Blimey I have to use the loo
I drank too much tea
Very shaggadelic


My Dad is the guy who usually sings this
But he wanted me to give it a shot
To show Hollywood what I got

He's always telling people how good I can sing
Cause he wants me to be famous more than anything
Cause my Dad ain't 11 so I don't want to spoil his dream

Honey watch your pitch

Dad I just want to be a kid, please leave me alone

Don't you dare embarrass me like that!



My stupid band didn't show up for the recording session
Of this Joel McHale's credits song
So I had to do it alone

But the only instrument I play is the kazoo
So there was really only one thing that I could do
I picked up that kazoo and I blew and I blew and I blew
Till the song was finished

By the way I later found out my band mates all died in a fire
So I'm looking for a new band


Like Joel said, this season came in way under budget
And there's a lot of money left unspent
So now we're going burn through every cent

Paul Feig's gonna spray the audience with a money gun

[Paul Feig]
Yeah! Woo! Yeah!

Joel, that's a priceless Faberge egg from 1881

[Joel McHale]
I know!

We also hired some jugglers and a break dancing troupe
And a guy dressed as a monkey doing hula hoop
That's right, a guy dressed as a monkey doing hula hoop
We even bought an original Vincent Van Gogh too

[Joel McHale]
Yeah they asked me if I would donate this to charity
And I said no, that's right!

There's only one thing that could make this finale better
So please join me in welcoming back
The amazing Jack Black

Jack, you're in my all time favorite band Tenacious D
And that's why I'm gonna let you do a special thing
I've saved the last part of the song for you to sing
Go ahead, it's right here
Sing your line
[Jack Black]
Eli, thank you for this line
But I'm gonna need some more time

[Joel McHale]

[Jack Black]
Hit it!

[Joel McHale]
Yeah, Alright
Yeah! Whoo!
Jack Black and Eli Braden everybody
That's it, that's our show! Goodbye everybody!
Thank you for tuning in! Keep going!

[Jack Black and Eli]
(continue scatting and vocalizing)
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