Tiny Toons Theme Song Lyrics

Tiny Toons Theme Lyrics

Tiny Toons Lyrics
We're tiny, we're toony
We're all a little loony
And in this cartoony
We're invading your TV

We're comic dispensers
We crack up all the censors
On Tiny Toon Adventures
Get a dose of comedy

So here's Acme Acres
It's a whole wide world apart
Our home sweet home, it stands alone
A cartoon work of art

The scripts were rejected
Expect the unexpected
On Tiny Toon Adventures
is about to start

They're furry, they're funny
They're Babs and Buster Bunny
Montana Max has money
Elmyra is a pain.

There's Hamton and Plucky
Dizzy Devil's yucky
Furrball's unlucky
and Go-Go is insane

At Acme Looniversity
We earn our toon degree
The teaching staff's
Been getting laughs since 1933

We're tiny, we're toony
We're all a little loony
It's Tiny Toon Adventures
Come and join the fun.

And now our song is done!
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