Vinyl Theme Song Lyrics

Vinyl Theme Lyrics

Sugar Daddy Lyrics by Sturgill Simpson
Hey now, baby, you been on my mind
Search my dreams, darling
Your taste is all I find

Look at my heart dying
See my soul sinking down
You know how daddy likes his sugar, baby
Oh, that sugar sweet and brown

But just one spoonful of your sugar, darling
Makes daddy's world go 'round

Daddy stays up all night long
Can't get no sleep when he lays down
Lay there staring at the ceiling, baby
Rats running across my floor the only sound

Instead woman in ignition (?)
Selling all the jewels out of my crown
Just to get one more spoonful of your sugar, baby
Oh, that sugar sweet and brown
How sweet the sound

[Guitar and vocalizing to end]
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