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How Do I Say Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
A foreign beauty
so exotic
when she smiled she took my breathe away
She's reminiscent of a goddess
it's a shame we could
not communicate

How do I say...

How do I say hello
I just want to talk to U
How do say you're beautiful
and I can't take my eyes off U
I don't want to
say the wrong thing
I wanna use the right words to impress U
My baby- How do I say
How do I say
How do I say

[Verse 2:]
The room was filled with her sweet aroma
When she danced her hips moved oh so sensuous
She speaks with her body
so hypnotic
In a language that I never will forget
I hear her calling-Spinning around
in the crowd until she found me
she started moving closer and closer
Does she know that I want her,I want her
I wanna be with her tonight
So I caressed
her face
Kissed her lips
In all my life I never felt quite like this
I never had a loss for words- One kiss from her has
got me speechless

[Chorus x2]

Baby let's engage in a deep conversation
In the mighty language we speak won't need any translation
The Odyssey of
physical pleasure
As we explore this universal language of love
Can you tell me how I put it into words

[Chorus x3]
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