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In My Bag Lyrics
I ain't one to brag,
But you done made me hav to get in my bag,
Ooooh, yep,
There it is, there it go,
Fall in love with these women I barely know,
Ten stacks on the flo',
Time to re-up tell em' I need a hundred more,
You at the bar, pourin it up
You try to wife it up, I already toe it up,
Up in V-I see how I keep it B-I,
Like a paper trail shout out to my n-gga T-I,
Yahh, so wavvy,
When I say usher all the girls go crazy,
Even your own lady,
(Wait a minute)
Plus your old lady,
Ya'll still pushing Benz's,
Helicopter copper take me where my friends is,
My taste is so expensive,
When I'm up in Vegas I'm staying with Steven,..
Now that's a table full of winners,
Don't chop just knock before you enter,
I play my cards right, you see them four guys,
An ain't no fall guy, ball like a dog right,

And it's simple elementary,
Just say pimpin when you mention me,
She want it I got it,
She got what I want,
In Houston they boppers
Miami they,..
I can give it to you simply,
My pimpin don't come with sympathy,
She want it I got it,
I got what she want,
Whatever you call it I'm taking it home,

There he is, there he go,
Globe trotter,
Mr Internationa-a-al,
I'm the coolest, the fonz,
Courtside hollin out place to LeBron,
Ask Shaq what he need man,
Made a call, now we got him up in Cleveland,
Take a flight in the evening,
Be back in the morning, it must be the G man,
And they hate when I brag,
But I'm so fly I got permanent jet lag,
Yeah, if you want it just ask,
Red car, this is not a bus pass,
And I'm tearing up my mojo,
Getting mail everyday no homo,
I blind em, they can't see me,

Doing numbers like AC DC,
And the streets in a recession,
But I'm still spending from Confessions,
Homie that's why I ain't stressin,

These yungun really need to learn a lesson,
Can't doubt me, you won't out me,
Wouldn't even have a style without me,
Uh uh ya, I can see behind the smiles,
Wasn't rocking with me then don't be jocking me now,


I'm a banquet gladiator with a side tighting,
This ice in my chain make the whole room lighten,
Breitling catch your chicks eye like lightening,
Over half a million dollars in Diamonds for your excitement,
Every other day there is a T.I sighting,
I pass by flying higher than gas prices,
I'm the nicest, my life is like uncle lou,..
Group of broads nude in the room while I'm getting chewed,
Picture three chicks bumping lollipop remix,
Say they can't believe this,
Sounded like cement, she went down
And she came up now I... then we change up,
Didn't drop one drop got everything up,
Like Clinton... to be become famous,
We can become the best of friends,
Or remain strangers,
Pay attention and I'll show you how to do your thing bru,

Shout out to my my T.I...
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