Usher - Off Your Chest Lyrics

Usher Lyrics

Off Your Chest Lyrics
Don't be mad at me on this one

I ain't try hurt nobody
Rock with me
I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna cus
I'm sayin' this is not a confrontation just a
Yeah... baby
Say what's wrong with cha
Baby what's up
I can feel the pressure
Build it up
You need to let that go
Even if you gotta cus
I know watcha doin'
You set me off
You wanna fight about it
Just to make up
So I can have my way with cha
Beat it up
I be like freddy baby
I put you on top

She say
U make me fallin'
She say
I know I been there
And I say
But you ain't gotta find
I do it higher like
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