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Usher Lyrics

Okay Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I can't believe my eyes
Looking at your sexy ass body
The way you do it with your hands up
Girl, I just wanna be all over
Let me rock, with you
Don't let nothing interrupt this groove
Going at it like we bout to
Touching all on you like your my girl

You probably say that's a damn shame(it's a shame)
I don't even know your name(no)
I know it won't probably matter tonight
Cause you been all on me I'm like; OKAY(okay)
I suggest we can take this here home
So we can make a love song
I can be the best part of you waking up
Shawdy holla at me if that sound, OKAY

[Verse 2:]
Ah ahh yea
I see you wanna take it slow
Go and drop it to the floor real low(Ooh)
You know I want you bad cause I been all on that ass
And you ain't looking at me sideways
The DJ is playing the last song
And it's coming down to our last call, baby
This slow jam is specially dedicated
What better way for the night to end
Come on!


Cars outside waiting baby if you ready to roll
Now that I got you opened up
Curious of mine, to no what's on your mind girl
Girl we been at it so long I can't wait just want to make sure
We're on the same page
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon
I be on some other shit when that liquor talk
And I know you...

[Chorus: Out]
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