The Walkmen Lyrics

The Walkmen Lyrics

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From the Album Heaven (2012) (buy at

We Can't Be Beat
Love Is For Luck
The Witch
Southern Heart
Line By Line
Song For Leigh
The Love You Love
No One Ever Sleeps

From the Album Lisbon (2010) (buy at

Angela Surf City
Follow The Leader
Blue As Your Blood
All My Great Designs
Woe Is Me
Torch Song
While I Shovel The Snow
Orange Sunday (Bonus Track)

From the Album You & Me (2008) (buy at

Donde Esta La Playa
Canadian Girl
On The Water
In The New Year
Post Cards From Tiny Islands
If Only It Were True
The Blue Route
Seven Years Of Holidays
Long Time Ahead Of Us
Red Room
New Country
I Lost You
Four Provinces

From the Album Pussy Cats (2006) (buy at

Many Rivers To Cross
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Don't Forget Me
All My Life
Save The Last Dance For Me
Loop De Loop

From the Album A Hundred Miles Off (2006) (buy at

Danny's At The Wedding
Good For You's Good For Me
Emma, Get Me A Lemon
All Hands And The Cook
Lost In Boston
Don't Get Me Down (Come On Over Here)
Tenley Town
This Job Is Killing Me
Brandy Alexander
Always After You ('Til You Started After Me)
Another One Goes By

From the Album Bows + Arrows (2004) (buy at

What's In It For Me
The Rat
No Christmas While I'm Talking
Little House Of Savages
My Old Man
138th Street
The North Pole
New Years Eve
Thinking Of A Dream
Bows And Arrows

From the Album Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone (2002) (buy at

They're Winning
Wake Up
Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
Revenge Wears No Wristwatch
The Blizzard Of '96
French Vacation
Stop Talking
We've Been Had
That's The Punchline
Roll Down The Line
It Should Take A While
Rue The Day
I'm Never Bored

Other Songs:
Don't Be Long
Red River (from "Spider-Man 3" soundtrack)
Summer Stage
There Goes My Baby (from "Stubbs The Zombie" soundtrack)

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