Waylon Jennings - Carnival Song Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Carnival Song Lyrics
I've been quite the traveler ever since I hit the road
And the Sullen county carnival has been my earn in gold
I've been quite alone since I remember when
I turned my ultimatums into chips and cashed them in

I used to run the Ferris wheel but that'd be hard to prove
I can't stand to see a rolling wheel propped up so it can't move
I used to run the carousel hell that's just round and round
Never liked to see them ponies painted up and bolted down

The only thing that keeps me from staying here is leaving
The only thing that saves me from it all is I'll be gone
Just when I could trust in all the things that I believe in
I had to pack it up and move along
And I'll tell you the boys I'm not the only one

I was a straight man at the ring toss but that was just a jaunt
I can't see throwing rings around things you don't really want
I could run the roller coaster but that might break my heart
So much hard travelin' just to wind up where you start

Now I just work the gateway and I'm pretty satisfied
Little booth is red and blue and I just sit inside
I just take your money and give tickets out in trade
Think about my life and all the promises I made

The only thing that keeps me from staying here is leaving...
Who's running from the things they've left undone

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