Waylon Jennings - Come Back And See Me Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Come Back And See Me Lyrics
Today was supposed to be
Just another day
Before the meeting of our minds and
What you had to say
It's been a long time comin' and
I guess i never saw
I'll have a short time adjusting to it all

You have come to your conclusion
You no longer care for me
And that we don't belong together
I suppose we sould agree
There is nothing i can do
Now that you've made up your mind
But could you come back and see me sometime

Is there any way that you could leave a little at a time
I need the time to make adjustments of the heart and of the mind
It might be that you'll remember some old feeling left behind
And if you do would you come back and see me sometime

I am left with no defenses
For i have no control
And for the first time in my manwood
I'll do what i am told
It's all over but the leaving you're
Determined now to do
I'll have the burden of gettin' over you

There's no need to be suspicious i have
Nothing left to hide
It's all out in the open i have
Nothing left inside
Just seeing you would be enough
It's all i have in mind
So could you come back see me sometime


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