Waylon Jennings - Delia's Gone Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Delia's Gone Lyrics
Delia wo oh oh oh Delia
Where have you been so long
Everybody's talking about Delia
They say she's done me wrong

They took my Delia to the graveyard
Took her in a long black hearse
If I hadn't a shot my poor Delia
I believe she'd a got me first

Delia's gone

I went down to the graveyard
To look at my Delias face
I said Delia girl how I loved you
How I wish I could take your place

Jailer oh Jailer
Tell me how can I sleep
When all around my bed side
I hear little Delias feet

Delia's gone

Some gave Delia a dollar
Some gave her two or three
But I didn't give Delia a penny
Cause she belonged to me

Delia's gone Delia's gone

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