Waylon Jennings - Destiny's Child Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Destiny's Child Lyrics
Surely you know by now my heart is wild
I don't wanna be tied down it ain't my style
Don't you think I know very well this kind of attitude is selfish
Well, I can't help it I'm destiny's child.

I couldn't began to tell you if I tried
It meant so much to love you for a little while
Try to remember all of the good love
I wish you understood love.

I ain't no good love I'm destiny's child
Destiny's child, destiny's child.


I gotta be on my way, now please don't cry
Gotta be somewhere else I don't know why
Keep thinkin' of all I'm losin' I know your lips're soothin'
I gotta be movin' I'm destiny's child.

I must wish you well and say goodbye
I wish you moons and stars and sunny skies
You gave me so much to believe in
My life has a little more meanin'.

Still I'm leavin' I'm destiny's child
Destiny's child, destiny's child...

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