Waylon Jennings - Dirt Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Dirt Lyrics
Dirt is quiet, it don't make noise
It's fun to play with, especially for boys
Girls don't much like it, but that's okay
Boys don't like girls much anyway

Dirt, dirt, good ol' dirt
Dirt, dirt, good ol' dirt
It may sound silly, but it really don't hurt
To sing about good ol' dirt

It hurts just a little if it gets in your eyes
You can put it in water and make mud pies
Babies will eat it, but babies are dumb
They wet their diapers and suck on their thumbs


It don't cost a thing 'cause it's everywhere
You can take it back home and nobody cares
You can throw it and kick and it don't even hurt
So a kid's best friend just got to be dirt

[Chorus 2x]

I love good ol' dirt

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