Waylon Jennings - Entertainer Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Entertainer Lyrics
I am the entertainer,
I know just where I stand
Another serenader,
Another long haired man.

Today I am your champion,
I may have won your heart
But I know the game,
You'll forget my name.

I won't be here
In another year
If I don't stay
On the charts

I am the entertainer
Had to pay my price
Things I didn't know at first
I learned by doing twice.

But still they come to haunt me
Still they want their say
So I learn to dance
With my hands in my pants.

Rub my neck
And just write 'em a check
And they'll be on their way.

I am the entertainer
I've been all around the world
I played all kinds of places
Played all kinds of girls.

I don't remember faces
I don't remember names
What the hell, it's just as well
'Cause after a while
And a thousand miles
It all becomes the same.

I am the entertainer
I come to do my show
You heard my latest record
Spin on the radio.

Well, it took me years to write it
The best years of my life
It's a beautiful song
But it ran too long
Wanna have a hit
You gotta make it fit
So they cut it down to 3:05.

I am the entertainer
Idol of my age
Make all kinds of money
Boy, when I go on the stage.

They see me in the paper
And in the magazines
If I go cold
My feet get sore
Put me in the back
Of the discount rack
Like another can of beans.

I am the entertainer
I know just where I stand
Another serenader,
Another long haired man.

I am the entertainer...

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