Waylon Jennings - Gonna Write A Letter Lyrics

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Gonna Write A Letter Lyrics
I'm gonna write a letter, gonna mail it today
Just as soon as I think of the words to say
I've been needing to send it for nearly a year
There's a woman back home who's waiting to hear
I meant to tell you, dear Susannah
I'm a long way from Louisiana and you
And I know I promised to be returning
Just as soon as I've saved the money I'm earning for you
But I'm married to twins and I'm living in Peru

Well, I'm gonna write a letter
Get it off my mind
But you know the words
Are so hard to find

Sitting, thinking with my pen in my hand
How can I make her understand?
I meant to tell you, dear Julia
I'm a long way from the States, mosquitoes and you
I'll send some money to help with the kids
I'd like to thank you for all that you did
It's true Louisiana, and I'm with Susannah, too
Got me a letter, it arrived today
The words I read just blew me away
I don't believe I've ever felt so low
How could Susannah treat me so?
She said, I meant to tell you, my sweet honey
I'm a long way from your love, your money and you
Please don't think me under
And I do believe you'll understand me too
I got a bar and grill with Phil in Kalamazoo

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