Waylon Jennings - Hank Williams Syndrome Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Hank Williams Syndrome Lyrics
Ramblin' about
Down through the South
I find things are a changing a lot
Especially me
It's easy to see
Montgomery's still hot,and i'm not

I stopped by today
At Hank Williams's grave
My hero from the days of my youth
Was that him or me
That i used to be
In the times when i searched for the truth

Hank you were my inspiration
And I was obsessed with your ways
But to tell you the truth
It's no thanks to you
That i'm still living today
Hank i still love your music
And in spite of the things i've just said
You'll always be
A hero to me
But the Hank Williams syndrome is dead

The new hats are here
And it's increasingly clear
Our day is slipping on by
They're not like me and you
But that's alright,too
They could keep the music alive


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