Waylon Jennings - Julie Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Julie Lyrics
When I married Julie
She was just seventeen
Pretty as the answer
To any man's dream.


From the start I gave Julie
All the love that I've had
Though everyone told me
That Julie was bad.

Julie liked parties
And clothes that fit tight
Drinking and dancin'
Around late at night.

She was everything evil
With the face of a child
But I sat home and waited
While my Julie went wild.

I had built me an empire
With my own two hands
With the money and power
To break any man.

But with all my possessions,
Power and gold
Julie was one thing
I couldn't control.

I gave Julie
All my money could buy
Begged her to love me
But she wouldn't try.

She'd only laugh
Then walk out the door
Each time she'd hurt me
Made me love her more.


Now I'm locked in this room
They say I'm insane
And I guess that I'll never
See my Julie again.

I'm a man with a heart
And a tormented soul
And the mind that Julie
Drove out of control...

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