Waylon Jennings - Mason Dixon Lines Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Mason Dixon Lines Lyrics
Someone who knows me well is spreading rumors
About the hearts i've broken in my time
From northern maine down to palestine,texas
They're talking bout my mason dixon lines

My texas drawl just killes them in ohio
In dixieland my new york flow is fine
North or south i got two different ways of coming on
That's why they call it my mason dixon line

Mothers have been warning all their daughters
Telling them they'd better run and hide
Stay away from that silver tongued devil
And beware of his mason dixon lines

This southern boy delights them up in detroit
But georgia girls like hollywood and wine
City dude or souhern gent i give them what they want
And i hit them with my mason dixon lines

My papa told me son respect the ladies
So i respect them each and every night
I found out what they're looking for then i change my habit
They all want my mason dixon line

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