Waylon Jennings - Straighten My Mind Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Straighten My Mind Lyrics
A tiger always walks at night
And marks his prey while everything's still
He waits until it's unaware
And then he strikes and makes his kill.

That's the way you've done me girl
You never let me be
Couldn't feel the way I felt
So you'd tried to punish me.

Baby it's time to straighten my mind.

A spider's always busy spinning webs
That no one can get through
Somehow that spider always has
Reminded me babe of you.

You took the love I gave you
But you'll never let it live
That's the hang of girl
You know how to take but not to give.

Baby it's time to straighten my mind.


You've kept me like a river
Always clinging to the ground
I've got to get away from you
Before I sink and drown.

Baby it's time to straighten my mind...

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