Waylon Jennings - Suddenly Single Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Suddenly Single Lyrics
This place is too damn lonesome I think I'll change and go out for a while
On second thought where could I go with a closet full of clothes that's out of style
It's another night of TV or another night of nothin' on my hands
I gotta change my way of thinkin' 'cause I'm still thinkin' like a married man

Suddenly single
It's hard to break old habits for the bad
If I wasn't over thirty
I might just move back in with mom and dad

I should call on some old flame, oh that ain't as easy as it sounds
My body says I need someone but I heart ain't ready for someone right now
Maybe in the mornin' I'll wake up and see the light
Small consolation Lord for the way I feel tonight


Suddenly single
Someone's always right when someone's wrong
Anyway you look at it
I'm suddenly alone

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