Waylon Jennings - The Days Of Sand And Shovels Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

The Days Of Sand And Shovels Lyrics
When I noticed her the first time
I was outside running barefoot in the rain
She lived in the house next door
And her nose was pressed against the window pane

When she looked at me
She smiled and showed a place where two teeth used to be
And I heard her ask her mom
If she could come outside and play with me

We became as one and
Had a love without beginning or an end
And every day she lived with me
Was like a new day dawning once again

And I've loved her since
Every doll was Shirley Temple
Soda pop was still a nickel
Jam was on her fingertips
Milk was circled on her lips

After many years our love grew silent
And at night I heard her cry
When she left me in the fall
I knew that it would be our last goodbye

I was man enough to give her everything
She needed for a while
But in searching for a perfect love
I found that I could not give her a child


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