Waylon Jennings - The Stage (Stars In Heaven) Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

The Stage (Stars In Heaven) Lyrics

In a vision I can see, the stars that meant the world to me
Ana din the vision it’s the same as long ago
I see a stage beyond compare and all the stars were settled there
They sing the songs of yesterday, we all loved so well
As the curtains open wide, he makes his entrance from the side
A mighty cheer brings Eddie Cochran on
Summer Time Blues brings a happy roar and The crowd cheers loud as they call for more
And it seems that he just gets started and then he’s gone
The curtain moves and a guitar rings this brings forth the LaBamba King
Young Richie Valens with a happy Spanish style
And as he sings so true and clear his young voice rings for all to hear
As he sings Donna, we can all see his happy smile
The curtain opens wide again and he stands in the center with a phone in his hand
HELLO Baby, it’s the Big Bopper speaking, we hear him say
Oh he talks a while then he’ll sing a little. He laughs and jumps in his leopard skin coat
The crowd laughs and cheers as we watch him walk away
The crowd has finally settled back and they know it’s time now for the final act
There stands Buddy Holly, smiling standing tall
His voice is clear and his guitar rings the Angels stand in silence as Buddy sings
He sings "Oh Boy" and "Peggy Sue" The happiest style of all
We’ve had the final curtain call and if you have seen any of my vision at all
Then you have truly seen, The greatest show of all

[Thanks to waltroder for adding these lyrics]

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