Waylon Jennings - Two Streaks Of Steel Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Two Streaks Of Steel Lyrics
Two streaks of steel stretchin' cross the land
Too far to reach for my baby's hand
I stood and watched her disappear
And in the distance I could hear. whooe

Tomorrow I'll see coming down the track
That same old train that she ain't coming back
For her sweet love that once was mine
Faded just like a whistle's whine. whooe

Two streaks of steel I've been standing beside
Where all that mattered in my life just died
I want to lay across those tracks when that train
Crossed those two streaks steel once again.

Two streaks of steel took my love away
No reason now for me to wanna stay
Next time I'll hear that whistle moan
That all my troubles will be gone. whooe, whooe...

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