Waylon Jennings - You Beat All I Ever Saw Lyrics

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

You Beat All I Ever Saw Lyrics
I've walked through many towns
With fortunes lost and found
Seen the beauty of this land
Made by nature and by men.

But when I leave I don't look back
For I've only left my tracks
I've crossed the burning bridges
And walked through miles of sand.

Seen the lowliest in the law
You beat all I ever saw.


I've dreamed a million miles
About your eyes and smiles
I know I've loved the best
I can't be content with last.

I've scanned the skies of blue
For just one glimpse of you
But they threw away the mold
Of a love that's grown so cold.

Your heart would never thaw
You beat all I ever saw...

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