Willie Nelson - Wives And Girlfriends Lyrics

Willie Nelson Lyrics

Wives And Girlfriends Lyrics
Well I love my wives and my girlfriends
May they never meet
May they never know each other
When they pass on the street
Well I migt be a mormon or I might be a heathen or a gambler, I just don't know
But I love my wives and my girlfriends
Turn 'em all out and let 'em all go

Wife number nine she sure was fine so was number seven
Oh, number six still makes me sick so does number eleven
Sweet Jolene from New Orleans showed up there with number five
I got caught with my britches down
And I barely make it out alive


Wife number one was a whole lotta fun and number two had
her own deal
Wife number three blew out number four
And it was even more unreal
Sweet Ann-Mary from Tucson county
Had me thinkin' about settlin' down
Betty Lou and her sister Sue came calling
When I hit their town


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