YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lonely Child Lyrics

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Lyrics

Lonely Child Lyrics
Pipe that shit up TNT
I just wanna be loved
D-Mac on the f*ckin' track
Don't nobody understand me though
Tahj Money
The way I came in the game, the image that I had put out
They wouldn't expect me to have feelings
Know it probably don't seem like it
That's why they talk about me like I ain't human, But we all is
But I'm still being me, I'm still in the streets, and I'm still thuggin'
Till them niggas put me under
That's how we livin', that's how we going out, you hear me? Open yo' mouth

I say mama I'm so sorry
I got ice burn where my heart at
On the road where I had it hard at
How I'm chosen? I'm so heartless, so-so heartless
I ain't on my age, he was sixteen they killed Lil Dave
Mind in a rage, I'm way too young to feel this pain
I ain't know how to fade, but I dove in 'cause I'ma a mane
I love that girl to death, as we get old our feelings change
I pay for therapy, because my thoughts ahead of me
They keep on draggin' me, I play for keeps, they scared of me
I cannot barely, can barely sleep or even breathe
I cannot hold on, without you on-side of me
I never knew this fame, would take the ones I love from 'way from me
I wanna see Kacey bad, but I can't seem to call Nene
Go in with no pen and pad, I got this shit right on my sleeve
Right now my candle burning wax and it feels like it's burnin' me

I'm a lonely child, who wants someone to help him out (Oh, oh, oh, ah ah)
Take this pain away, this pain away, because my head been runnin' wild-wild

I fell in love with Kayln, without even knowin' this bitch done snaked me
I'm missin' Yaya daily, the one who don't make me feel basic
Happiness I'm chasin', while killers behind me tryna bank me
You don't know what I'm feelin', or what I'm thinkin' and you can't change me
I miss my f*ckin' daddy, I've been callin' Montana my father
Times been gettin' harder
I came from nothing now bitch I'm royal
I call Monique my momma, but lord knows I need Sheronda
Ion' need no commas, I'm feeling like I'm going under
My Paw-paw getting old, and once he gone I'm on my own
Right now I'm all alone, I pray that grandma keep me strong
Can't even leave my home, my bracelet beeping plus I'm down
I just want be gone, my sons straight my money long
Tell me what you feelin', I hope that I can help you out
My youngins' in that north, I pray that y'all gone make it out
These bitches comin' round, and they don't even like my songs
I'll burn up the town, before them big gas buss my dome
I wish that I can hear dump say waddup lil' brother one more time
We killing shit and plus we dying
I'm gone go out about my brother, f*ck this charge I slang that iron
Before he go and I don't ride

I'm just a lonely child, who wants someone to help him out (Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah)
Take this pain away, this pain away
Because my head been running wild
I'm just a lonely child, who needs someone to help him out (Oh, oh, ah, ah)
Take this pain away, my pain away
Because my thoughts been running wild

Oh lord
I need some help because my life been real hard
The way I approached the game it seem that I'm hard
But I got feeling too just like a lil' boy
Oh lord

On Grandma baby

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