Young Boy Never Broke Again - War Lyrics

Young Boy Never Broke Again Lyrics

War Lyrics
Al Geno on the track

Bub came home and you knowin' how he play it
Now it's time for the yea with the yeah
Shorty knowin' I don't want no ass, she been actin' real bad
Like she scared for to pull up with the head
I been on the corner all night posted up with the dope boys
Know that they hustle whenever you sleep
Two on a addy to sleeve
I put the rental key under the seat
Already know that I'm in the streets
Toyota, Key in this bitch clutchin' bad
He go to sleep if you come with a bag
Whoever we leave they get left with a tag
Whole lot of dogs we done started a kennel
Laboratory, they do not get the riddles
Kwan Nine don't forget -
My daddy still plugged with that yea in the trenches
Pull up in Bentleys with necklace that's Tennis
Upgraded my fit on the top of these little bitty bitches
Parked in the socket at the house, I'm sittin' on confinement
Try it, I let off the Glock at these niggas
I got some bitches and slimes with me
I got that pack and the strap and some millions
I got the hood and they with the activity
Standin' on somethin', it's called slime allegiance
I'm in that Gucci on top the Chanel
I'm in this bitch kickin' shit like a player
Three make the hoe go and drive to the sale
VVS diamonds, I buy 'em, then lay 'em
Time to pour up so we stop at the Shell
Inside of the city, leave 'em dead where he live
I'm on location, they plan for to get me
She gon' check out the scene after somebody killed

She know the night the time of her life
And I know they might try to take my life
We ain't livin' right, there's nothin' I can say
It's a cold bloody war inside Baton Rouge, ain't nobody safe

It's a war
Nobody left through the night, ooh
Poppin' this shit and we leavin' 'em dead
We be poppin' this shit, we be poppin' this shit
When they try
We go to war, put it all on the line
Know we get to it, every one of us slime
Pray, then do it, hope not one of us die

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