Young Gunz - State Prop (You Know Us) Lyrics

Young Gunz Lyrics

State Prop (You Know Us) Lyrics
Yeah, the Young Gunners
Generation Next, the next generation
Big Face, Bola
Holla at cha boooys
Okay, C and Neef
Niggaz know what it is
State, State Prop Chain Gang, Sigel
We got jeopardy nigga

[Verse 1: Young Chris]
Radios don't give a nigga airplay
Knowing them they gots to hear Jay

It's our turn time to attack the game, Buck no fallin back again
These niggaz better respect our game, or the tec I aim
Don't be scared, be aware of the rap Bron James
Even when I couldn't back my game
I had a lot of women workin like Maxwell sing
Hung around a lot of bad karma
My brother did it so for me it sort of bagged drama
It's just the business, had to lace up my boot
Switch up my hoopties, damn I can't stand it when a nigga a groupie
Lookin at me like his nigga'll shoot me
When they should be tryna get at a cutie
I got 50 to do em, kill em all cause them niggaz'll sue me
And we give a f*ck about them, tell them 50'll pursue them
All my niggaz bust, witnessed a whole lot of death in our young ages
Y'all see the stress in our young faces
Y'all don't understand me inside, everytime I see his family I cry
So everytime I pump my hand up to God
Think of him all night with a tight grip on my heater
And I pray that he all right hoping I meet em

We pouring liquor on the curb for our niggaz up above
When it crash through the cement that's our way of showing love
State Prop, you know us, if not you heard of us
Tracks murdered, I'm far from raps time we surviving it
We still'll dress up for them clubs or grip up on them snubs
Find out where them niggaz rest, straight hit them niggaz up
State Prop, you know us, if not you heard of us
Tracks murdered, I'm far from raps time we surviving it

This summer's our summer, Neef Buck come release some of that hunger

[Verse 2: Neef Buck]
What's the waiting for, nigga we ready
What's them shanks for, nigga we heavy
Play the Range boy, aiming steady
Make his brains look like spaghetti
Shotgun playa I'm the black Jim Kelly
Plus I heard they be out on the daily
Have his brain hanging out of his skelly
Banging out on the daily
They sick, that is we got guns that crack ribs
And we comin, you scared, you don't know what this is
It's more heat, homie we in the mix
You yappin yo lips, we stackin these chips
Kidnappin yo bitch, we got it
Hustle, don't knock it
Yours ain't sellin too much on the strip that's yo problem
I'll show you how to grind from the bottom
The beef jump, semiautomatic or revolve em
It's Neef Buck, niggaz always said I was a problem
The heat tucked, gotta let it out if it's a problem
Show you how to do this thing, straight through the lane
Get straight to the change, State Prop Chain Gang
And I'm ridin, they frontin, they dyin I'm done
Slugs out the eagle, it ain't bout nothin


[Verse 3: Beanie Sigel]
I got you scrap, commit suicide
All y'all need to kill yourself, go head scrap all you'll do is die
Cause f*ckin with Mac is do or die
You know me scrap, and that cat tell the truest lies
Circle your block in the bluest five
How I pop two a dime
Oozie pop out, two a time
Yeah, that's usually how I do it ma
Pull the Ford Concord in line
Get hype right before I do a crime
Talk to him calm, put the tool to his spine
Show em what the whippings and the pills'll do
Little dress, little wig, little heels'll do
Big tech, little sig tinted wheels'll do
Scrap check I turn a mil to a billion too
Get the point Amil
Muthaf*cka you can't point when I hit you, bitch I'll kill you too
By the way send the tellers through
Sharp crooks and we eating, get cooks and the dealers through
Cause we ridin (they frontin)
They dyin, we dumpin
Young Gunners, Sigel that ain't bout nothin nigga


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