Constantly Hating Lyrics by Young Thug

Young Thug Lyrics

Constantly Hating Lyrics
[Intro - Young Thug:]
Pour that shit up fool, it's ours. Monster! Man so you ain't gonna pour? Oh so you're gonna make a nigga beg you to pour... okay bool

[Verse 1 - Young Thug:]
Hopped out my mothaf*ckin' bed
Hopped in the mothaf*ckin' coupe (SKRRRRR)
Pulled up on the Birdman (BRRRRR)
I'm a beast, I'm a beast, I'm a mobster
You got 50 whole bands, you'll be my sponsor (just for the night)
Them snakes on the plane, me and Cognac-conda (condas)
I might piece him up and let my partner smoke him
Chuck E Cheese, I'm about pizza and my Rol' on
I'm a gangster, I don't dance, baby I poke
Right now I'm surrounded by some gangsters from Magnolia
I heard I put it in the spot, yessir she told me
My niggas muggin', these niggas YSL loaded
I heard my Nolia niggas not friendly, like no way
But we not friendly either, you know it
Yeah thumbs up
I've seen more holes than a golf course on Donald Trump's course
My bitch a tall blooded horse, nigga, bronco
And if you catch us down bet you're not gon' trunk us
You got a body, lil nigga, we got a ton of 'em
You got some Robin's, lil nigga, we got some Badmans
I let that choppa go "blocka, blocka, " get back, son
You got them MJs, nigga, I got them Jacksons (racks)

[Hook - Young Thug:]
But really what is it to do
When the whole world constantly hatin' on you?
Pussy niggas hold their nuts, masturbatin' on you
Meanwhile the f*ckin' federal baitin' on you
Nigga tell me what you do
Would you stand up or would you turn to a pussy nigga?
I got a hundred things to do
And I can stop rappin' but I can't stop stackin' f*ckin' figures

[Verse 2 - Birdman:]
Yeah, I'm from that mothaf*ckin' 'Nolia, nigga
Birdman'll break a nigga nose, lil' nigga
You need to slow your f*ckin' roll, lil' nigga
We created Ks on shoulders, nigga
I'm a scary f*ckin' sight, lil' nigga
We won a hundred mil' on fights, lil' nigga
A hundred bands, sure you're right, lil' nigga
I keep some AKs on my flights, lil' nigga
Birdman Willie B
Smoke some stunna blunts, now my eyes Chinese
Hundred K on private flights overseas
Choppas City nigga, free BG
Bentley with the doors all 'round, not a Jeep
Rich nigga shit, smoke two pounds in a week
Can't find a bitch that don't know we them streets
Bitches know that I am Birdman, that's OG


[Verse 3 - Young Thug:]
Nigga I'm a crack addict
Thought about lettin' them get a cut, then I went and snagged at it
The new' Boosie Badazz at it
I'm a drop a nigga life, just like a bad habit
I stick to the ground like a mothaf*ckin' rug
I'm a big dog, lil' f*ck nigga you a pup
Lil' bitch clean your drawers before you think you're a thug
Before I be in front your shows, just like your pub
I ain't even lyin', baby
I swear to God I ain't lyin', baby
First I'll screw you without these pliers, baby
I might dap you like, "good try, " baby
Big B livin', baby
Them boys on my left throwin' up Cs
I promise their mama see them this week
And I don't break promises with my Ds (them my dogs)
I want Ms and cheese, mister Mickey Ds
She know I am a beast, I am obese
In Miami I swear they don't got good weed
Wiz Khalifa can you give me some weed please?

[Outro - Birdman:]
Yeah, overseas, nigga, top floor, clear windows, nigga
Glass house, drankin' GT, you understand?
We in that Red Light District, you understand?
3 and 1, that mean 3 on me, nigga, you understand me?
Just livin' the life, boy, aye Thug, just a dollar for a 1, nigga
We can blow a mil', boy. Rich Gang YSL, bratt!

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